10 things probably only of interest to my mum

Consider yourself warned. OK, these things, in our lives lately (please forgive the dodgy iPhone snaps, I've been forgetting my camera around with me lately and I shouldn't).

Butterflies Dog-walking Little-lady1 Little-lady2 Little-lady3Toilet-paper Lamington Lunch1 Le-bumpPeppa-pig Sandwich Zoo1 Zoo2 Zoo31. A butterfly landed on Madeleine's head yesterday, which kind of freaked her out but I thought it was adorable. That face!

2. Walking the dog is so much more fun than I realised before Madeleine showed me the light.

3. Sometimes, gender-stereotypical behaviour is not learned but simply innate. For example, we did not teach Madeleine to love to wear and carry hats and handbags, to want to brush my hair and steal my headbands, to prefer her pink shoes over her tan ones, to drape my (expensive, Christian Lacroix) scarf around her neck, or to wear her plastic toy rings as bracelets and walk around the house holding her hands high to show them off. She figured these things out all by herself.

4. Note to self: if you have hidden your (expensive, Christian Lacroix) scarf from your daughter, don't let her anywhere near the toilet paper or she will innovate.

5. Lamingtons get the Madeleine seal of approval.

6. Homemade jaffles, lemon cupcakes, a cup of tea and a magazine feature all about our neck of the woods... that was a relaxing afternoon.

7. I am becoming rather bump-obsessed these days. This pregnancy coming so soon after the last one, le bump seemed to pop a lot earlier than I remember happening last year (was it only last year? Eek!). Baby B2 is kicking beautifully (I'm being pummelled at this very moment), and it's just as lovely to experience the second time around. Oh and another sweet something lately? Ruby has become very attached to my lap all over again. She loves a good bump, that cat.

8. Peppa Pig! Madeleine is soooo into Peppa Pig right now, even while in the pram, in the rain. You have no idea.

9. When my baby eats real food (as opposed to mush) I am ridiculously proud. This is what my life has become. Also, it is super handy to be able to share our meals. And cute.

10. We went to the zoo yesterday with some of Madeleine's little friends (and my grown-up friends) and she had SO MUCH FUN.

The end.

(11. I have only just noticed: Madeleine sure wears a lot of red!)