A brief semi-political interlude

I eased myself down into Madeleine's bean bag on Saturday night to watch the Federal election coverage. It was predictably depressing. If you were following the Australian elections at all, you'll know what I mean. I read a tweet a couple of weeks back that said choosing a Prime Minister in this election was like choosing a boyfriend in prison. That about summed it up.

There were two happy moments, however. The first was watching the Greens get up in my electorate, against the odds and against all predictions. At a time when Australia seems to be growing increasingly self-centred, I felt proud (but also a little sad) to live in the only community in the nation that succeeded in giving voice to the Greens.

And that's all I have to say about politics (on this blog).

The second happy moment was when my daughter waddled over to the bean bag for a robust series of games of Stealing Mama's Headband, followed by Bouncing on Mama's Knee and then Tickling Mama's Baby-Belly.

Of such things (complete with impressive double-chin action) are cheerful Saturday nights made.

Election1 Election2 Election3ps. Yes, those are moving boxes in the background. So exciting!