Art in space

LaserCatCreative friends: if you wanted to gain the greatest possible exposure for your art, where would you put it? On a billboard in Times Square in New York? That is so 2013. At night in April 2014, look up. An art-loving, sparkly gold cat with laser eyes will (hopefully) project art ONTO THE MOON. And your work could be part of it, as long as you submit it before the end of this month.

"Laser Cat" is a giant art installation in the Bass Museum of Art, Miami, that will be part of the ADC 93rd Annual Awards and Festival of Art and Craft in Advertising and Design. It uses high-powered projectors to beam the personal art projects of anyone and everyone onto distant objects (walls, buildings, and even the moon).

Here's what Laser Cat himself has to say (on this website):

"Behind every creative director (art director, copywriter, illustrator, photographer, filmmaker, designer… you get the picture) is a hidden passion fueling his or her inner artist. Most of you creative types got into this business because of your love of art, and many of you creative types still indulge the urge after-hours, before-hours and between-hours..

"So, what to do with that painting, or sculpture, or cat photography project that no one has ever seen? Feed it to me. The more art I get, the stronger I grow.

"If 100 of you feed me your art, I will project it onto a wall (with my laserbeam eyes, no less). 1,000 of you? I’ll project your art onto a building. Yes, pretty cool. But 1,000,000 of you? I’ll project your art onto the moon. Have you ever seen art projected on the moon? No? Then you better start feeding me. You only have until November 30."

Laser Cat from Hungry Castle on Vimeo.

I know a lot of you are amazingly creative photographers, painters, illustrators, sculptors, crafters and designers... why not take a photograph of your work and "feed" Laser Cat? How amazing to be part of a global art community sending all our creativity into space and displaying it for the world to see! What a gift that would be for everyone.

(ps. Entries are free, though there are some limitations to what will be selected to make sure it's suitable for a broad Earth audience. More info here.)