Inside Sarah Jessica Parker's NYC apartment

Apartment-SJP copyCan you believe it has been 10 years since Sex and the City the TV series finished? What a fantastic show that was. Boundary-pushing (at least in the early years), clever, witty, oh-so-stylish and, despite the often risque subject matter, heart-warming. It could just as easily have been called Fashion and the City. Or better still, Friendship and the City. But I doubt that last title would have garnered it quite as much attention. My friends and I used to say there was a Sex and the City episode for everything that happened in life. (And if there wasn't, there was sure to be a Seinfeld episode to fill in the gap). Of course that was before I got married and had children.

And now: please indulge me in some of my favourite Carrie Bradshaw fashion moments...

Carrie-Bradshaw-Fashion2Carrie-Bradshaw-Fashion1Carrie-Bradshaw-Fashion3If you're feeling nostalgic, like I am, you might enjoy this little tour through Sarah Jessica Parker's amazing New York apartment, while she speed-answers 73 questions from Vogue that range from odd to, well, more odd.

Yes yes I know, SJP is not Carrie Bradshaw. But that distinctive voice, that impeccable style, so many of those mannerisms... she gave them all to her character and they are so very familiar. I think it could be time to watch this show again.

Were you a fan? Who was your favourite gal?