Taking stock - 2

autumn It's time for a little life stock-take, while I busily work on some other projects in the background. Here's what I have been...

Making: A little watercolour picture for my new blog header. I can't wait to show it to you! Cooking: This super-tangy lemon slice, with the lemons Madeleine helped pick from our tree this week Drinking: Tea, tea, tea Reading: The latest Inside Out magazine. Too many pretty ideas, too little cash! Wanting: A little more cash (see above!) Looking: A little odd, to be honest. I tried colouring my hair myself and, well, let's just say I wasn't going for chutney orange but we must all get used to disappointment Playing: The "baby bird game," which Madeleine made up, at every meal time. Essentially, it means putting food into her mouth whenever she says "tweet tweet." It gets old. Deciding: To cut back on the sugar in my diet Wishing: That week-long headache would just give up already Enjoying: Tamarillo season! Waiting: For the next week's worth of lessons in my Blog With Pip course by Pip Lincolne Liking: A lazy weekend with nothing much on and no deadlines Wondering: How I will ever get everything done Loving: The Blog With Pip course Pondering: Whether there is a way I could better structure and live my life, to somehow get everything done and be a better wife, mother and friend Watching: Masterchef Considering: Starting to run again Hoping: The execs at Channel 10 bring back Junior Masterchef Marvelling: At all the new words my daughter is using Needing: A decent night's sleep Smelling: My baby boy's skin. He is heavenly! Wearing: Baby spit-up. Over everything. Following: Almost 150 blogs, according to Feedly. Yikes! Noticing: Every changing leaf. Autumn is just glorious, isn't it? Knowing: I am loved Thinking: About my next book Feeling: Excited and time-poor! Admiring: My husband. He is a very smart, very funny, very GOOD person Sorting: Ideas, sections and chapters for my book Buying: Little bits and pieces for Madeleine's birthday party Getting: Up. Too early, and too many times in the night Bookmarking: This collaboration Disliking: Sleep deprivation Opening: A new box of tea bags Giggling: When Madeleine mimics me, and the reflection is NOT flattering Feeling: Grateful Snacking: On tamarillos! Coveting: This mid-century side-board (actually and the painting, and the little tableau on top. Basically coveting everything in this picture) Wishing: There were more hours in the day to get things done, and more hours of sleep in the night Helping: A friend celebrate. We should give ourselves permission to celebrate! Hearing: The cutest-ever baby-gurgles from the mat next to me on the floor

Do you want to take stock, too? It's actually quite challenging, and kind of helpful to slow down enough to think properly about where you are at, what you are doing, and where you want to be. If you make your own list, do let me know so I can pop over and see how you're doing! Here was my previous stock-take (a week before Harry was born - so bizarre to think there ever was a time BH!).