12 lovely things to do on your day off

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It's the Queen's Birthday long weekend today. Happy birthday Queen! Happy day off all of us! Here are 12 lovely things you can do with your free day to make you feel good.

1. Shout a stranger a coffee (just pay for two when you're buying yours) 2. Shout a CHARITY a coffee (or the cost of one), using this app 3. Sit down and draw a picture. Take your time on it 4. Go for a spot of urban foraging (the lemons are great right now) 5. Sing. Really loudly. Just belt that tune out 6. Sort out all your clothes and put aside the ones you don't wear any more to give to charity 7. Grounding (have you ever tried it?) 8. Hot tea! Crumpets with honey! 9. Bake something you've never baked before. I might try baking bread 10. Write a postcard to someone you've been thinking about 11. If you can get your hands on a baby, tickle one 12. Walk + camera. You'll notice things you'd never normally see