Kate & cat

andy-prokh-katecat01 This stunning photographic suite of a little Russian girl at play with her cat is my new happy place. I could say more but really I think the photographs speak for themselves. Watch these two grow up together, so lovely!

andy-prokh-katecat02 andy-prokh-katecat03 andy-prokh-katecat04 andy-prokh-katecat05 andy-prokh-katecat06 andy-prokh-katecat07 andy-prokh-katecat08 andy-prokh-katecat09 andy-prokh-katecat10

The photographer, Andy Prokh, was born in Siberia. He is a former economist who switched careers after more than 10 years, and turned to photography instead. Take a look through the gallery of his works. I find it a little bit Alice in Wonderland-esque: one minute dark, the next funny, now I'm confused, now I'm in love.

All images used with Andy's Prokh's kind permission