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I have not been able to stop looking at these lovely photographs of "camouflaged" birds, ever since I saw them on Honestly WTF. They are part of a series called "Birds of a Feather" by artist Claire Rosen and each of the birds - some of them common and others exotic - has been posed in front of vintage wallpaper. I think the idea of 'wild' birds in such a domestic setting and so consciously posed is incredibly fun and playful. It's like a children's storybook. Like the Big Bad Wolf all dressed up in Grandma's bonnet.

Browsing through the rest of Claire's portfolio is like taking a tumble down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass all at once. I asked her where she found inspiration, and she pointed me to a beautiful, interactive board she created on "A Creative Life." What you see below is just a screen-shot of a small portion of the board. Take a look at the entire board here (tip: I couldn't open this in Firefox. If you are having trouble, try with a different browser) and click on the various boxes to uncover the inspiration behind them.

Claire says, "Everyone has the capacity to be creative and it starts by creating a safe space to be creative in. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised and fed with inspiration." Would you agree with her?




As mentioned, the image above is a screen-grab of a much larger board created by Claire Rosen. The original is found on All Birds of a Feather images are used here with kind permission from Claire Rosen. Credits are as follows.

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LIMITED EDITION ARCHIVAL PIGMENT PRINTS on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper signed and numbered on front 40 x 60 inches    (edition of 05)      25.5 x 17 inches (edition of 10)             11 x 16.5 inches (edition of 15)              6 x  4 inches (edition of 150)    

The Birds of a Feather series will be in an exhibit in September at the Hagedorn Foundation Gallery ( in Atlanta, GA with an artist reception on Thursday Oct. 16th.