Make Admire Join Splurge Plan Plant Mix Eat Start

weekend What adventures do you have planned for the weekend? I am hosting an ice-cream baby shower tomorrow, and the mama-to-be and her baby-bump will have their very own bespoke ice-cream flavour, created by Harry's Ice Cream Co to celebrate International Ice Cream Month (I know right?). The Finders Keepers markets are on again and we always try to get up there if we can. And I need to go shopping for a nice dress to wear to the Epworth Gala Ball next weekend. Tra la la! There'll be some work in there too, because I'm miles behind on my deadlines, and some cleaning of the house, and hopefully in there somewhere some fun family time! Here are some other ideas I had for a fun weekend.


Make: these lovely beaded plant hangers

Admire: these stunning bird patterns

Join: a book club or a gym, or this fun combination of the two

Splurge: on new bedding that makes you want to dream beautiful dreams

Plan: 24 hours in Paris. What would you do?

Plant: a tree. Plant enough and you'll create a forest

Mix: music and munchies, with this fabulous vinyl + recipe subscription box

Eat: lots of ice cream! I love the idea of this ice cream crawl, bookmarking for summer

Start: doing that thing!

Do you want to play along? Let me know if you create a similar list on your blog.

Image is from here, licensed for unlimited use under Creative Commons