Open hands, empty nests

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The video below is amazing. It's a rare and quite vulnerable insight into the inspiration behind artist and sculptor Shelia Berger's work, and the personal and creative path she follows as she pursues that inspiration. It starts with a family bereavement and an empty nest found in her childhood home, and builds from there.

Often I wonder "where did that artist get their ideas?" This video reveals so much more than the artist's "ideas." To borrow a much-abused word from reality TV, it truly is a creative and personal journey as she explores nurturing, loss, and the fragility and constant movement of nature, through art.

You can see this and more wonderful "Portraits in Creativity" produced by Gael Towey, here. Gael says her great love is storytelling. The “Portraits in Creativity” series seeks to capture the bravery of artists and artisans, and reveals the visual seduction of the creative process.