The Village Festival + link pack

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"Would you like to hear a story?" a woman beckons, from the doorway of a caravan. And just like that a small group materialises as if from nowhere and sits at her feet, prepared to be enthralled. I am reminded powerfully of my children's daycare centre, when a teacher pulls out a copy of The Gruffalo.

A wandering scribe threads her way through the crowd and pens letters on behalf of anyone who wants to send a message to anyone else.

Smoke and charcoal fill the air, scented with meat and charred corn. Fairy floss, cider, folded crepes. Music and magic, dancing children, creepy sideshows. In the park, acrobats practice handstands from atop one another's shoulders. Over the way, a strange-looking wedding is underway.

The Village Festival is on at this time every year in Edinburgh Gardens, and I imagine it to be something akin to the way a medieval fair would have felt.







Here are some other things that have been making me smile lately. How about you?

"Michael Pollock. Remember that name"

Best alarm clock ever (via Frankie)

"Creativity isn’t about making things, it’s about making things happen." I read this on Creative Something this week

Strawberries - I bought five giant punnets of red, ripe Yarra strawberries at the Batman Market last weekend. What should I make with them?

Hide n Seek puppy. So cute!

The new Batman Market  - all that street food!

Planters made out of old books. I love this idea, the only challenge being finding a book I'm willing to sacrifice