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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The night had started out so well.

I went to a meet-up of Melbourne bloggers that just so happened to be held two blocks away from my house, which meant not only could I walk there with no "I'm late and the traffic is hell" stress whatsoever, I could also indulge in a glass of bubbles or two. It was so lovely to meet in person some of bloggers I'd admired from a distance for a long time; and to discover new bloggers (and blogs) to admire; and to reconnect with some wonderful writers and women, especially those I know through the Blog with Pip course.

I wandered home all happy and tired, then curled my feet under me on the couch to join in a chat with Mr B and his cousin, comfortable in the knowledge that my children were sleeping peacefully and hadn't made a peep since Mr B put them to bed not long after I'd gone out. It all felt very luxurious.

And then.

About 15 minutes after we'd gone to bed and just as I was entering that delicious almost-asleep-but-not-quite sinking state, Scout started crying. And screaming. And then Ralph joined in. We ran to their room, to find Scout had been sick everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The smell in their room hit you like a wall. The poor little darling was shaking and crying and Ralph was terrified. We bundled them up and got Scout cleaned up and comforted Ralph and then I stripped the bed (it had gone through the blankets, sheets, pillows, through the mattress protector and into the actual mattress) and aired the room.

Eventually I settled Ralph back in his bed, and Scout came to sleep with us, now chatting happily for all the world as if it was 10 o'clock in the morning and we were all out for a tea party. Until she was sick again, all over the towel I'd (thankfully) put under her. So we got her up and cleaned her up again and replaced the towel and…

Suffice to say that by morning, two sets of sheets and six towels later and having had approximately six minutes of sleep, the day was not shaping up to be an energetic one.

We stumbled downstairs at first light to discover the cat had left a poo in the playroom.

At 7.30am, my watch stopped, and I don't blame it.

We all need a bit of cheering up around here. Do you? I hope your night wasn't like mine! Here are 11 links and ideas that might help to make us all smile.

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