Gone paintin', gone writin'

send-more-mail Oh my gosh, I have SO MUCH drawing and painting to do, and SO MANY letters to write. I owe mail-art letters to more than 30 (!) readers of this blog (this picture is of some parcels I've prepared to send to some of those lovely readers). Are you one of these patient people? I'm so, so sorry that I've been so appallingly slow.

And then there are the beautiful people who have written to me, and sent me lovely gifts, and have probably given up all hope by now that I would ever do the decent thing and write back to them and say THANK YOU, despite all the gratitude that swells in my heart.

I also need to write to thank all our dear friends and family who came along to Ralph's recent first birthday, and gave him so many thoughtful, wonderful gifts.

I really need to get a wriggle on and plan out some paintings for a very exciting children's book collaboration I'm doing (and by "doing" I mean "actually need to start doing and not just think/talk about it") with a wonderful writer.

I promised Scout I'd paint a picture each for her and Ralph to hang above their beds.

AND there is that little matter of the book I'm trying to complete, and the guides I promised to write approximately one year ago…

So, I'm going to take a short break from this blog while I catch up on all that writing and painting. It might take me a week or it might take me a month (depends a lot on how well the children sleep at night), but I'll be back soon folks.

In the meantime, here are some fun links to keep you amused. Why thank you, Internets.

*Play Pong at the traffic lights

* Tree Hotel. Just glorious

* Fashion leaders? Seinfeld's girlfriends

* 10 secrets about the Eiffel Tower

* Making art out of ordinary things

* It's a musical storm-cloud inside your house

* If I get enough writing and painting done, I'm going to try making these napkin rings

* What to do in Canberra - definitely bookmarked for our next visit

* Summer holidays fun: giant Scrabble, in a banana!

* Monogram marshmallows!

* I think it's time to skill up. My aesthetic ambition for this blog consistently falls short of my actual ability. Early next year, I want to take these e-courses on DSLR photography, and Photoshop

* Making me hungry today: Wild Sorrel Ravioli with Burnt Butter and Garlic (hold me)

* Would you ever try making a Christmas garland like this?

* Love this road-trip idea. Meet the Story Monster!

Aaaaand this:

* 'Rather than asking yourself: “Who do I want to be?” Ask: “How do I want to behave?”' I rather liked this post on pursuing creative habits

See you soon! xo

ps. A few people have said they were sad I didn't have any more copies of my book Airmail to send them, and were wondering where they could get hold of one. Cripes, thanks guys! That makes me feel VERY good. You can order Airmail online pretty much anywhere, and it should cost you less than 10 bucks in paperback (go elsewhere if it's more). Here's a list of stockists I made a while ago. Let me know what you think if you read it!