Scout says...


Lately, around our house...

SCOUT: Hey Mummy you my lunch. I gonna gobble you up.

ME: Oh no, don't gobble me up! I'm not your lunch!

SCOUT: Shoosh. Lunch can't talk.

:  :  :

SCOUT: I really need Weetbix Mummy. My tummy's lonely.

:  :  :

ME: Hey listen to this classic old song

[Split Enz plays “I see red I see red I see red”]

SCOUT (singing with gusto): I see pink I see pink I see PINK!

:  :  :

ME: Yeesh Scout, that’s two poo-filled nappies in half an hour!

SCOUT: Happy birthday Mummy.

:  :  :

MR B: We are a Bulldogs family. We all barrack for the Bulldogs, don't we Scout.

SCOUT: No Daddy.

MR B: Oh! Then who do you barrack for?

SCOUT: Mummy!

She sure does make me smile.