Taking Stock - January 2015

(null)Well folks, that was January. I assume all the Christmas decorations will be going up in all the shops shortly, because apparently TIME IS STUCK ON FAST FORWARD. What is HAPPENING here? Time to slow down, and take stock*.

Making: Paper gifts to send in the mail Cooking: Pork-and-apple sausage rolls for the kids Drinking: Morning coffee from Cafe Bu Reading: A work briefing paper Wanting: A massage Looking: Tired. And a lot like I need a hair cut Playing: A LOT of role-play games with my two-year-old Deciding: To exercise more Wishing: For more time (so original) Enjoying: My children playing together. So sweet! Waiting: For life to slow down, just a little Liking: The milder temperatures Wondering: Where did I put my sunglasses? Loving: My two amazing, hilarious, snuggly babies Pondering: Gratitude, the need to stop and be thankful that there ARE roses and that I have access to them, before I even smell them Considering: Whether or not to start a small business Watching: An adorable mail art documentary Hoping: The clever folk at the Mac store can find all my lost photographs (ARGH) Marvelling: How incredible children are at soaking up and remembering and learning and applying new things Needing: More chapstick Smelling: The dog. What DID he eat last night?? Wearing: Mum uniform (read: raggedy old clothes randomly decorated with stickers and play dough) Following: 162 blogs, according to Feedly! (And I read them ALL but sometimes I can be a bit slow so if you think I’m not reading your blog, I probably am, but I’m up to about August last year) Noticing: Fallen leaves. Could autumn be on its way? Knowing: I am lucky Thinking: I might have been a saint or something in a past life because I got given a pretty darn good one this time around! Admiring: People who think of things and then just DO things or at least TRY, rather than only talking about doing them Sorting: All the papers and notes in my office. It gets so confusing in here! Buying: Nothing much. Just food Getting: Fresh flowers from the garden Bookmarking: Pages and posts on beautiful mail art Disliking: Bigotry and racism and extremism-related violence. Bit over all this pointless cruelty Opening: A beautiful letter, picked up in the post today Giggling: This morning when I went to get Scout out of bed she had taken off her pants and was wearing her swimming top instead (legs through the arm holes). That definitely had me giggling Feeling: Lucky to have this life Snacking: Plums and nectarines and cherries Coveting: Lovely homewares, like a linen tablecloth, and stoneware dinner plates Wishing: I had enough money to build a garden Helping: A friend get a website going Hearing: Mr B’s two Elvis records, on repeat. (Going. Slowly. Insane.)

What’s been happening with you?

* Taking stock is a semi-regular post hosted by Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mikes. If you’d like to join in, please do! And let me know so I can see what you’ve been doing, too.