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horses Ugh. We have been sick all weekend. First it was Ralph, who went to bed just fine on Wednesday night and within four hours had produced enough mucus to fill a swimming pool. By Thursday night Scout had joined that club, and managed to sneeze INTO my mouth not once but twice while I was rubbing Vaporub onto her chest. And lo and behold, by Friday night I was sporting a tell-tale sore throat…

We are all feeling sniffly and foggy-headed and sorry for ourselves, bunkering down with copious quantities of berries and freshly-squeezed orange juice, and garlic-y foodstuffs. The house looks like a bomb hit it, the floors and all visible surfaces thick with toys, tissues and craft supplies: fallout from a weekend spent with two children sick enough to need to stay home but well enough to need constant entertaining. I could tidy up at night, but I’m too busy lying on the couch and moaning and sipping lemon-honey tea.

Also, I’ve been watching some of the movies on the Snail Mail Movie Club list. Here’s an update so far:

The Postman Why do people keep paying Kevin Costner to make movies?!?, BUT, I kind of like the premise that in times of war or oppression, communication becomes a powerful weapon

The Shop Around the Corner Sweet and I loved how closely You’ve Got Mail referenced it in both style and substance, BUT I could have wished for more of the actual pen-pal correspondence - I think they did that better in You’ve Got Mail

Letters to Juliet Super cheesy and WHAT were they thinking with the utterly cardboard romantic-interest guy (I can’t even remember his name - the blonde one), BUT a completely beautiful (and real-life) practice of writing letters about love to Juliet Capulet, AND Vanessa Redgrave - I want to be her, at any age!

84 Charing Cross Road Followed the book quite closely and just made me happy really, BUT occasionally a weird thing would happen where sometimes the actors, while reading their letters out loud, would look straight at the camera

Still to watch:

* Il Postino * We’ve Got Christmas Mail * The Night Mail * In the Good Old Summertime * PS I Love You * Message in a Bottle * Air Mail * Poste Restante

What am I missing? Any other movies about snail mail? And have you seen any of these? What did you think?

And how are you? How are your loved-ones? Hopefully sore-throat and mucus free!

Image credit: horses (totally unrelated to this post but I liked them) by Bethany Legg, licensed under Creative Commons

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