Hunting for highlights

Sparkler So gastro? Turns out it's not so much fun. All my plans for the weekend were washed away in a rather miserable and sorry-for-myself 48 hours of lying in bed and moaning and intermittently rushing to the bathroom to do unthinkable things.

The highlights?

* Venturing downstairs on Day 2 for half an hour and telling the kids I couldn't kiss them because I didn't want to make them sick, so Scout cuddled my ankles

* When I peered over the top of the stairs at one point to ask Mr B a question, Ralph looked up and yelled "Mummy!" with the biggest smile

* Hearing the children squealing with happiness downstairs, playing with their father. Actually that was bitter-sweet because I was SO jealous not to be involved

* Ralph yesterday morning calling "Mummy! Mamma!" from his cot, and hearing Scout explain, "Don't call Mummy, you have to call Daddy because Mummy is sick"

* Getting up this morning feeling about 60 percent, and discovering the house NOT trashed and most of the washing-up done and the clothes washed and the toys picked up. Mr B is the BEST

* Keeping down a cup of tea

I spent the two hours this morning between getting up and the kids waking up, putting my little kingdom to rights. Packing things away, and finishing the washing-up, and refrigerating the HUGE bounty of fresh, organic fruit and veg a friend had brought over the day before, and looking up recipes for ways to use said bounty before it all goes off, and packing the kids' bags for daycare, and giving the dog his eye-drops, and sorting the papers on my office ready to go back to work today.

It felt good to be back in charge of my tiny world again. I couldn't face the thought of breakfast, but that cup of tea was GOOD. Now the kids are singing in their beds, wanting to get up. I'm so relieved! I spent last night listening to their every cough, wondering if it was in fact vomit. Hopefully my miserable, lonely quarantine has saved them. All fingers and toes crossed!

So... how was YOUR weekend?

Image credit: Morgan Sessions, licensed under Creative Commons