30 letters in 30 days

postbox I've just signed up to join Write_On, a fun challenge to write 30 letters in 30 days, during the month of April. Already I'm making a list in my head of the people I want to write to. There's you guys, of course. My parents. My best friend from high school. My children - I think they would love getting special letters in the mail.

Maybe I'll write a fan letter or two, to someone I admire. I've never written a fan letter before. Not one! Who else? Who would YOU write to? There's still time to join Write_On if you want to take part.

The organisers have compiled a list of "30 reasons to write." Here are some of my favourite "reasons" from last year's campaign:

+ To send a re-thank you for a gift you received, have already thanked for but use so much you want to thank again.

+ To send a cheer up message– a note to a friend who has had a tough go of it lately.

+ To send a note to a business where you recently received great service.

+ To send a letter to your roommate, partner, or spouse – someone who lives in the same house as you.

+ To write a nice note to teachers of all kinds: your kids teachers, your yoga teacher, an old boss who taught you something.

+ To write a letter to your future self.

+ To write a letter to a neighbor telling them how much you enjoy their tree, garden, house.

What do you say? Are you with me? If you need more reasons to write, go here. If you want to join the Write_On campaign to write 30 letters in 30 days (and you'll get some free snail-mail swag), go here.

Image credit: photograph of Edward VII postbox by "Lincolnian (Brian)" on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons