DIY mail-art envelope templates



Would you like to make these envelopes to send to a friend? I have collaborated with Deanne Wild from Wild About Melbourne to create some easy-to-make mail-art envelope templates for the guests at her upcoming Etsy Craft Party on Friday.

The party theme is "paper taking shape," and all craft supplies will be provided. Deanne invited me to create a line-drawing for the event, given the growing trend for "adult colouring-in" as a fun craft activity. A couple of emails back and forth later, and we decided I'd provide an envelope template with a mail-art drawing for colouring-in or painting or collaging over or whatever the heck your craft-of-choice might be. You simply cut out the envelope shape (I also lined mine with a page from a botanical text-book to make it a bit more substantial), fill in the recipient's address, and go to town making it pretty!

If you'd like to try mail-art but you're not sure where to start, get on down to the Wild About Melbourne Etsy Craft Party in Thornbury THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. You can have a go at my mail-art templates (I made two because I wanted to give people a choice of styles), and a whole heap of other exciting craft projects, all in the company of a lovely group of like-minded people. Get more information here, and book your tickets (only $10) online here.

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