20 ways to find creative inspiration when you're ready to give up

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sometimes the ideas flow easily, and creativity is pure joy. Other times, finding your creative path is like wading through syrup (only not sweet, either). Don't give up! Here are 20 ways I use to cut through, depending on what I'm going through and what I need. Maybe one or two of them will work for you, too.

Good luck! Naomi xo

ps. It's probably best NOT to approach these with whatever is stumping you front-of-mind. Try not to be strategic. Give your brain a little holiday, and let it just follow what ever paths these activities take it. You might find an unexpected solution to your problem and, if not, at least you will return to it refreshed, having seen and/or done something different and uplifting.

* Take a walk while listening to music * Work in your garden, or pot some indoor plants *  Keep an “ideas journal.” One that makes it easy for you to write AND draw * This is a silly and fun ideas generator that sometimes actually works * Look through old reference picture-books (like old encyclopaedias) * Join the adult colouring trend * Shake things up. Do something out of your comfort zone * Learn a new skill. This will teach you how to make anything * Browse through second-hand shops and markets * Meditate for five minutes a day. Here’s how * Go to a cafe by yourself. Listen to other conversations. Write 200 words of anything at all in your notebook * Listen to some TED talks * Take your camera for a walk. Notice things differently through the lens * Turn off all your electronics. Be completely present in the moment * Turn your electronics back on. Allow yourself to get lost in Pinterest and Instagram: follow anything that takes your fancy * Explore this list of tools for creating ideas * Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams the moment you wake up * Follow the Swiss Miss blog to see what other creatives are doing * Read more books * Visit an art gallery