10 "slow living" unsung heroes of Instagram

Intagram-naomi Are you on Instagram? That's me above. I'm @naomibulger if you'd like to drop by and say hi.

Who do you like to follow on Instagram? I love to fill my feed with people who inspire me and, these days, more often than not, people who inspire me are people who I like to call "slow-living heroes."

Creative folk, gentle folk, mindful folk. You know the sorts of folks I'm talking about! They are makers and bakers; gardeners and gatherers; weavers, wordsmiths and wanderers; snail-mailers, and spreaders-of-kindness.

Here are 10 of my favourite slow-living Instragrammers, each of them "unsung heroes," because they have relatively small accounts, of 1000 followers or less.

elise_albrektsen⇑⇑ @elise_albrektsen

stringofwonders⇑⇑ @stringofwonders

lomoens⇑⇑ @lomoens

anianycz⇑⇑ @anianycz

_freshlypressed⇑⇑ @_freshlypressed

lullaby0720-2⇑⇑ @lullaby0720

sovica4⇑⇑ @sovica4

bsvitlana⇑⇑ @bsvitlana

oandystudio⇑⇑ @oandystudio

gemmagarner⇑⇑ @gemmagarner

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