12 calm days of Christmas


I'm just popping in today to let you know about something I launched today, because I'd love you to join in! I want to find better ways to enjoy all the beauty of Christmas, without the stress and chaos, and I'm hoping to do it in your lovely company. If you subscribe to my newsletter you'll already know about this but, if not, this blog post is for you! 

Christmas is a funny time, isn't it. On the one hand, the Christmas that many of us look forward to, the one in all the movies, is wonderful. A time of joy, generosity, good food, great friends, and a sprinkling of magic. But, on the other hand, the Christmas many of us actually experience is more aligned with chaos and stress than charity and love, and it fills our lives with to-do lists and engagements and obligations and expectations... not to mention all that stuff

If you, like me, enjoy Christmas but not the chaos, I invite you to join me in a 12-day pep talk designed to help all of us rediscover the simple joys of this time, and navigate this busy time of year in a way that is calm and joyful.

Simply sign up for my newsletter via the button below to join me on a quest for a calmer, simpler - but still joyful and fulfilling - lead-up to Christmas. 

Here's how it will work: 

* Starting today, I will send you one short email every day up until Christmas Day, each containing some kind of tip or idea to celebrate the season in a joyful and non stressful way

* The emails are free and there's absolutely no obligation. (Essentially, I'm being selfish. I'm going through this process myself - of trying to find a softer, more gentle way to celebrate a season that I both love and fear in equal measure - and I'd really love to have your company on the journey!)

* While I absolutely respect your beliefs, I have deliberately made these emails non-religious, to ensure they are as inclusive as possible. Whatever you believe or don't believe, if you take part in Christmas, these emails are for you

Does that sound like your cup of tea (or mulled wine)? Simply join in via the button below, and I'll send you the first "calm Christmas" email very soon!