11 platonic love-letters to write for Valentine's Day


Whether or not you are feeling in a romantic mood, a love letter can make somebody's day, week, month or even year! Valentine's Day is coming up on 14 February, but if that's not your piece of cake, there are plenty of other reasons to write something kind and loving in the coming weeks*. For example: 

- Sunday 4 Feb is "National thank a mail carrier day" in the US, and I think we should all celebrate a day like that, no matter where we live (think wild weather, scary dogs, cranky customers, and you'll understand why)

- Monday 12 Feb is the start of "Random Acts of Kindness Week," and sending someone you care about a surprise letter is a truly wonderful act of kindness 

- The entire month of February is InCoWriMo, during which thousands of people from all over the world pledge to write a letter a day

- Thursday 1 March is World Compliment Day, a perfect day on which to write a letter, card or even post-it note to someone in your life to tell them what you admire about them 

- Sunday 11 March is Mother's Day if you live in the UK

And that's just for starters! Is there someone in your life who would appreciate a thoughtful letter from you today? I call that a love letter, and Valentine's Day is as good an excuse as any for you to actually get motivated and spend five minutes writing that letter. 

To make it even easier for you, I'll start you off. All you need to do is fill in the blanks! 


11 platonic love letters you can write today

1. Dear Mum, I love you because you do / say / make this thing, and it makes me feel... 

2. Dear best friend, thank you for being there for me through thick and thin. Remember that time we... 

3. Dear stranger, I'm sorry you are going through a tough time. I want to encourage you in this specific way... (go to the More Love Letters website to write this letter) 

4. Dear postie, thank you for always delivering my letters, even when it's raining / snowing / a heatwave / the neighbour's dog is out. (Write this on a postcard and pop it in the nearest letter-box. You can be anonymous if you want to, or leave your name and house number. You could also write this note on the back of a letter you're sending to someone else)

5. Dear Grandpa, I really like doing that thing with you. I miss you, and I want to come visit you and do it this weekend / next month / on this specific date

6. Dear mentor, I want to thank you for the advice / guidance / help / support. It has enabled me to do that thing / mature that way / take that leap, and I will be forever grateful

7. Dear child, sometimes life gets busy and we forget to say the most important things. Here is a list of 10 things I love and admire about you... 

8. Dear flatmate, thank you for the Friday-night-pasta-while-watching-The-West-Wing tradition / your great taste in music / letting us all use your couch / being thoughtful / being fun to live with 

9. Dear asylum seeker, there are people who are thinking of you and fighting for your freedom. Please don't give up hope. You are loved

10. Dear brother or sister, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you I love you. Here is something I truly admire about you. Remember that hilarious time we...

11. Dear 13-year-old-me, here are some people in your life who love you, even though they don't seem to show it very well. Hang in there, in a few years, you will meet your best friend / mentor / lover. Also, you will figure out how to de-frizz your hair, and your pimples will clear up. 

* Note that this post was written in 2018. If you are reading it in the future, the dates above may shift ever so slightly, so check your calendar for the year you're in

** If you're wondering why I've used scenes from Picnic at Hanging Rock for this blog post, the events of both the book and movie versions of Picnic at Hanging Rock happened on Valentine's Day in the year 1900, and it has entered into the Australian psyche as the story for the day. (Also the book is a favourite of mine, I live near the Rock itself and it is genuinely mysterious and magical, and the film is beautiful!)

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