How cute is this?

Yesterday our daughter Emily invented a game in the garden for her little cousins. She hid bunches of flowers in vases all over our back garden, and the little ones had to search through and find them among the 'real' flowers. They had a ball. (This is Olivia and Mia returning with 'found flowers'.)Continuing the "awesome cuteness of family" theme, we had a quadruple birthday party at our house on Sunday and, not for the first time, the kids saved the day.

Aunty Alma, Aunty Bev and Baz, as well as little Mia, all turned a year older this week, so I organised a kick-arse Adriano Zumbo V8 Diesel chocolate cake for them. But after battling the Balmain traffic and lining outside in the pouring rain for over an hour, I discovered that the Zumbo folk had somehow "not received" my order, despite the giving and taking of credit card details online. I returned back to a house full of birthday-bbq-goers feeling deflated, sorry and soggy. And minus a cake.

Not to worry: Emily, Alexandra and Olivia (with a bit of secret input from Nanna) set to work and made an absolutely delicious chocolate cake that I think was better than anything Adriano could have concocted himself. This is Alexandra with the masterpiece. Did you ever see a cuter chef? Oh and also, we got hitched. In our garden that my mother fixed up, in front of the Notting Hill blue door that my father painted, followed by 10 courses of deliciousness with a very small group of beloved family and friends at Bistro Ortolan in Leichhardt. All in all it was a pretty darn good weekend!