Stranger than fiction

Monday morning. It's raining outside. I have so many deadlines this week I don't know where to start, although I suspect blogging may not be the best place. I still write at the kitchen table, sitting on a wooden kitchen chair, so my back is already aching although it's not even morning-tea time. I'm worried about the dog, he's not himself today.

To meet my deadlines and appease my editors, I will need a miracle. Or two. I need some serious inspiration. Perhaps you do, too. So here is a little reminder that, on some days, the impossible may just become possible.

Like the day it snowed in Sydney (almost) Or the day I sailed through the air with the greatest of ease The day these ladders, soaring above the elders' houses in New Mexico to pierce storm clouds in the desert, really did pierce storm clouds in the desert The day I found 6000 year-old pottery shards while digging post-holes at Cranborne Chase Or the day I learned to breathe under water The day I witnessed this, after a gruelling pre-dawn climb up a Peruvian mountain The day I moved to this neighbourhood in SoHo, New York Grew this Wrote this And the day I married the love of my life and gained a wonderful new family

Really, anything's possible. I can fly. I can breathe under water. I am loved. Deadlines don't scare me! Now back to work.