Merry month of May: week 1

I've been a busy little blogger of late, touring all over town as part of my Merry Month of May virtual book tour.

* This is me when I was a kid, on my beloved pushbike. Around about this age, I had a pen-pal in New Caledonia. I've blogged about this experience, and the lost art of letter writing, and the advent of technology, on the wonderful website 100 Stars or Less (dedicated to supporting indie and emerging writers, how great is that!), as a guest of the lovely and gracious Erika. You can read the whole thing here.
* Then I headed on over to another fantastic and bookish website, The Book Diva's Reads, where I put the case that the novella (in other words a short novel) is due for a comeback in today's time-poor world. You can read that blog here, and read a review of Airmail by the Book Diva herself, Vivian, here.
* To start the month off, the online website that celebrates everything great about my local area (and-is-super-supportive-of-local-creatives-so-please-head-on-over-and-give-them-a-hoy-then-subscribe-or-follow-on-twitter-or-something-because-there's-always-something-interesting-going-on), *deep breath* Inner West Live, hosted an interview with me that you can read here.
* A couple of days later, the fantabulous Ashley (aka Ashton the Book Blogger) wrote a very kind (shall we say glowing?) review of Airmail, which you can read here, and which is still making me smile.
See you around the blog traps!