Philosophical cupcakes (and other sweet treats)

I'm brimming over with patriotic pride this week, following reviews of Airmail appearing in two wonderful Aussie publications. The first is a review in my absolute favourite street press, Spitpress magazine. They say Airmail is "a philosophical cupcake; perfect to enjoy in one go with a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon," and that it "will leave its footprints in your mind for days." Poetry!

If you live in Sydney, you can pick up a copy of Spitpress all over town, and I highly recommend you do. Issue 8 (called 'Wired') is out now, and Airmail's starring role is on page 9. For everyone else, despair not. You can read Spitpress online here.

In addition to Airmail, you'll find Cleptoclectics, Frankie magazine editor Jo Walker, Brendan Maclean, Jack Carty’s tour diary from up north, Tunes for Change, Crash Test Drama, The Smallest Gig, Dry July, Photographer Xiaohan Shen, and artist Jilly Cooper AKA Lisa Bowen.

But wait, there's more!

While I was still swinging high on Spitpress' kind words (and before I'd even had time to indulge my sudden desire for cupcakes), fellow Sydneysider Jayne Fordham of 'The Australian Bookshelf' posted her own review of Airmail online.

Jayne's review focused on the characters in Airmail, and I really enjoyed what she had to say. In Jayne's take on Airmail, Anouk is "neurotic and entertaining." GL Solomon’s "rigid life becomes malleable."

Jayne concludes, "The author has created very likeable characters who grow and learn despite the length and will leave you quite satisfied. If you would like a quick quirky read, then Airmail by Australian author Naomi Bulger, is an entertaining read."

You can read the full review here, and if you live in Australia, don't forget to enter her competition to win one of two copies of Airmail.

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