Nesting frenzy

We are moving to another state in three weeks. Again. After living out of suitcases for such a long time, I am nesting in the biggest possible way, even though we're only renting. Here's what's on my shopping wish list:
Image via from-me-to-you
* Lights to string across the back courtyard, where there is a lemon tree, an orange tree, a tiny little salt water swimming pool, and just enough paved space for a table where we will dine with friends, and big pots in which I will grow herbs. * A blackboard that I'll hang up somewhere central, I'm thinking possibly the kitchen? For family and guests alike to leave messages, write poems, draw pictures, do anything they like. * A ping pong table to put in the garage, because our car would probably freak out if it had actual shelter anyway, and we'll need something to do with our friends in between swimming, eating and creating chalk art in the kitchen. * Speaking of the kitchen, a proper mixer, a pasta maker (Mr B's request) and other culinary accountrements. * A home for the 1000+ books I have packed in boxes right now, because our own bookshelves are attached to the wall of our house in Sydney, so our tenants are enjoying them right now. * And some soft, wonderful new linens for our bed, and new pillows, because what we have is tired and old and yellow, and both of us are ready to dream good dreams.Did I miss anything? What else do you recommend?