Favourite things: impossible possible

Hooray for Friday! To take you into the weekend with a smile and a sigh, today I bring you: five things that should not be possible but somehow are. And I'm ever so glad they are. 1. Trees that draw pictures using pens attached to their branches and assisted by the movement of the wind, no less (The artist is Tim Knowles, and I learned about him from singer, songwriter, blogger and all-round Seattle sweetheart Shannon Eileen of Happiness Is.)

2. Reliving all the fun of the Ikea ballroom even though you are all grown up, and the balls are now GOLD BALLOONS. So much better (For the joy, the inspiration, and to learn how fun this could be, I have Rachel of The By & By to thank.)

3. A super pretty dress with a matching hat, made entirely out of postcards (Rachel Burke of I Make My Day is making a dress a day for a whole year to raise funds for The Starlight Foundation. This dress was from day 75.)

4. This man's facial hair (Take a look at the World Beard and Moustache Championships website. There are no words.)

5. The Winchester Mystery House, built under the instruction of spirits, complete with twisting corridors, secret passageways, stairs that lead to nowhere, and more than 160 rooms (More about the Mystery House here, and the photo comes from here.)

Happy Friday!