The perfect place for writing

Imagine the perfect place for writing. What would yours be like? Mine would have to be a place that truly inspires. A place where the everyday rules fall away and the imagination knows no bounds. Everything should available: pens, papers, desks, beanbags, whatever I need to find my muse. Oh, and how about established authors on-hand as tutors, to help get my writing to publication standards? Hey, why not, since we're dreaming. Now imagine giving a place like this to kids, many of whom are disadvantaged. Indigenous kids, migrants and refugees, kids from schools with limited resources in areas of rising crime.

What if you gave them this place as a gift? A safe haven for children to develop their creativity and love of words. A place that frees their imagination, and breaks down barriers to communication and self expression. Wouldn't you be proud to share a gift like that?

I've been dying to tell you about the Sydney Story Factory, a charity that will open later this year in Redfern, Australia. If you go looking, you'll find it behind The Martian Embassy on Earth, a shopfront portal through which the children will pass into a new world of imagination.

Take a look at this incredibly inspiring workshop the Factory hosted in June. You'll thank me. The kid at the very end is just too cute, and sums the whole thing up. How can you not love what they are doing, bringing literacy, a love of writing, self confidence, communication, self expression and pure, simple joy to these kids?