Favourite things: make this

Ah, Friday. Any minute now, my muscles will begin to unwind. (Any minute now, shoulders and neck, you hear me? Any minute...). Em's coming to stay this weekend. Happy joy time! We always love a good project together, so I've gathered up five fun things to make this weekend.* Be sure to let me know if you try any of them yourself. 1. Peach cobbler On a scale of one to 10, how much is your mouth watering right now? I'm not ashamed to tell you I'm drooling in a socially uncomfortable manner. I only discovered cobblers a few years ago, while living in New York, and I'm SO excited to try this recipe, adapted by Tina Jeffers over on Blissful Blog. Roll on summer. Roll on peach season.

2. Your very own newspaper No kidding! Newspaper Club will put your portfolio in print, pull together a unique and pretty darn special family newsletter, get crafty in telling your school or charity's story. These are a bit pricey but they get cheaper the more you order. One day, I'll use this to publish Em's and Meg's wonderful stories, drawings, fashion designs and photographs. What a family treasure!

3. Art, made out of maps Inspired by artist Shannon Rankin, as featured on this post on Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard. I know I know, I don't have her talent. Maybe you do? If you create a map collage, please show me!

4. Decorative vintage bottles Using the downloadable vintage cheques and clever advice from Cathe Hoden at Just Something I Made. I've already printed these lovely cheques off. All I need now is a stash of bottles. At the very least, I suspect I can talk Em into drinking a bottle or two of soft drink this weekend.

5. Photo frames from vintage books I am so excited to make these, I want to do four or five and hang them up in my new study above my desk. The problem is, I can't bring myself to destroy any of my beloved books, so I'll need to go shopping for replicas before I put knife to paper. Thanks to Lauren, on Papersnitch.

*Of course Dreamworld also calls, so who knows if we'll actually manage any of these projects in the next two days. What are your plans for the weekend?