My people (the cafe test)

Image via fat owls

There's a bit of a theme going on in my blog lately, about home and where to find it.

I'll try and make this the last one for a little while, but the essence of the discussion is this: if you have loved ones scattered all over the world, and you no longer live where you grew up, and you have moved many, many times (across towns, across states, across countries, even across hemispheres), where is "home"?

I don't have a town I call "home" any more, and it confuses me.

Recently, over dinner, a friend said something that resonated:

"If you can sit alone in a cafe and look around at the other customers and think 'these seem like my people. I want to know them more,' you've found somewhere to rest your bags."

We are moving to another state, yet again, in one week. I hope I find a place with "my people" in Adelaide. No doubt I will drink a lot of lattes on this quest.

How about you? What says "home" to you? How do you find "your people"?