A good weekend

I had big, crafty plans for this weekend. We were going to make peach cobbler, decorative vases, and photo frames out of vintage books. We didn't quite get there, but we did make some pretty good stuff. For starters, we made and played this game of personalised Monopoly, made up of places we'd visited, places we'd lived, and places we wanted to see.
At one point, I owned London (yep, all of it), The Plaza New York, Magnolia Bakery and Machu Picchu. These were returning some decent rent but, unfortunately, this was negated by my ownership of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in India. Mr B and the girls once stayed there, and it was so horrible that in our game, the first person who landed on this hotel owned it by default, and thereafter had to pay $200 apology money to anyone else who stopped by. I had a lot of guests.

Em also made a cake with multicoloured swirls, topped with white and dark chocolate, which gave me diabetes just from the looking.

The rest of the weekend? We picked Em up from Brisbane airport at 8am, popped over to Southbank for an al fresco breakfast, roamed through market stalls, walked over the bridge and into the mall where I looked at kitcheny things I couldn't afford, popped into the gallery (ok we wanted to use the loos, but we did take a little look around), stuffed ourselves with three tiers of things we shouldn't eat at High Tea, then home to take the dog to the park and play with a balloon helicopter thingy I bought for Em at Australian Geographic.