Best. Workspace. Ever.

My favourite room in our new house is definitely my study.

It is my very own, a square room with soft seats under the window for reading (or dozing, if you are Ruby the cat), a lovely old fireplace, a clean desk in the middle of the room for writing, and another desk for my artsy, crafty, projects. I have a little pin-board on which I stick notes, letters, photographs, sketches, and all kinds of other found paraphernalia that may bring comfort or creative sparks (or both).

Behind the big desk is a wall of shelves filled with the reference books I use most for writing, and items that inspire me like my film cameras, snow globes, my grandmother's typewriter, and a little barometer that belonged to my other grandmother (when the weather is dry, a lady comes out of the cottage; when the weather is wet, a man comes out and bares his chubby, white knees).

For years, I have worked from the kitchen table or the living room, so this room feels like the greatest possible luxury, and I love it.

What is your workspace like? What luxury do you dream of having?