Dance for joy

Happiness is infectious. Just seeing someone else's joy - like the little girl in this picture* - makes me grin, and a little of her happiness rubs off on me.

Do you remember Matt Harding? He shot to Internet fame a few years back for nothing more than dancing (badly) at numerous sites around the world. What a wonderful and ridiculous celebration of life. Go Matt!

Once, on the bridge in Avignon, France, I danced in public too. I knew I was supposed to dance, because the French song from my childhood told me so. Sur la pont, d'Avignon, l'on y dance l'on y dance, the song goes. (Rough translation: "On the bridge of Avignon, one dances, one dances." Please excuse my French spelling if it is off, it's been a decade or two.)

After this video became a bit of a YouTube sensation, Matt managed to get funding for a couple more world journeys, just so long as he was willing to dance in public again. Take a look at to find out more about his story.

[youtube] Now tell me: when joy takes you, just takes over and you are truly happy, what do you do? Me, I want to go sing with a camel.

*This image is all over the Internet, but I can't find the source to link to it. Does anyone know?