Typewriter magic

Look closely at the pictures above. They are entirely made up of typewriter letters and symbols. Imagine what vision and patience it must take to be able to create these beautiful works of art, line by line. Then take a peek at this short video to watch Keira at work. She makes it look so easy! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJdNsXCz-X8]In case you are reading, dear millionaire Great-Aunt Tessa who I have never met and who possibly may not exist but who wishes to buy my love in order to make up for a long absence from my life (because I am inside a Famous Five book right now)... In case you are reading, dear Auntie Tess, a piece of typewriter magic would make an excellent start. My birthday is in October.

ps. Thanks to Honestly WTF for the tip-off. Yet another nice find, ladies.