New season's resolutions

It's spring! Winter is finito and today it is spring! Tra la la la la. I knew it was coming, I just knew it. Got the hint when baby leaves started appearing on the old grape vines, plumb trees blossomed, and banks of wattle exploded with gold, seemingly overnight. And now, even the calendar says it's official.

I have many, many resolutions for the spring, and I'm making myself accountable to you:

* Plant herbs and a little vegetable patch in my garden * Ride my old yellow pushbike to the beach for a picnic * Find an organic farmers' market for all non-homegrown produce * Write 30,000 more words on my novel (10,000 a month) * Exercise more to shed the blubber acquired from eating lollies in a bad job * Related to the above: start doing yoga. And actually keep it up * Don't leave a single magazine deadline to the last minute * Eat more meals outside * Get uber organised and start planning for Christmas * Learn how to take proper photographs with a 'real' camera * Related to the above: take lots of photographs while in Europe * Start a cooking scrapbook of favourite (tried & tested) recipes * Volunteer for Mr B's charity to help get all his comms set up * Find another local charity and become a regular volunteer * Keep fresh flowers in the house all the time * Don't waste the lemon-tree bounty. Make lemony goodies to share * Become a tourist in my own town, & explore my new home by foot, bike & car

Spring or autumn, what are your new season's resolutions?