In which many lovely things happened on one weekend

We went to the Royal Adelaide Show, during which Mr B and I dreamed up all the animals we will keep when we live on our imaginary farm, and Em complained rather a lot until we finally made it (we did drag things on a bit, poor child) to the sideshow area, where she won a bounty of stuffed toys in prizes. We took the tram into Glenelg for a walk on the beach and jetty, followed by pizza and pasta and gelati for dinner.

We walked into the city to shop for part of Em's spring/summer/holidays wardrobe (her bounty #2 for the weekend), and Mr B got a beautiful, hand-blown glass jar from Jam Factory for Father's Day that will take pride of place on his desk at work.

We helped Em with her maths assignment. Well, Mr B helped, and was extremely proud of himself for figuring it out. I am most helpful at maths when I stay well away, so I got some work done in time for my 8am Monday morning deadline.

I made pie, a hybrid apple-pie/strudel recipe of my own making. It was delicious, even if I do say so myself. Moist and sweet and fruity.

In the meantime, happy Monday! And an especially happy Monday to all you lucky Labor Day-ers enjoying a relaxing three-day weekend. Soak it up, my friends.