Summer holidays craft

Remember when I told you I was in love with this crayon art? Last night, Em and her cousin Maggie had a go at creating their own melty masterpieces.However, not content with simply making a colourful mess, the girls built stories into their creations. Maggie drew a sweet couple sheltering under an umbrella behind a multi-coloured waterfall of rain. Em sketched a young woman casting a curved patronus charm that kept the rainbow mess at bay.

I think they did a wonderful job, don't you? Em and Maggie are both 13 and the best of friends. They are such a delightful team, it is always a joy to have them together in our home. (And yes, that is a stack of packing boxes alongside general mess and chaos that you see in the background. We are moving AGAIN this month, this time to Melbourne. That makes four interstate moves in less than a year and, I can assure you, we intend this to be the last one for a VERY long time).