Favourite things - pretty parties

Blah thought: I am packing boxes again. Happy thought: when I unpack them, it will be in a city I love and in the company of people I actually know! One of the many things I am really looking forward to is having friends over. I'm even planning a party or two, which has inspired this post. 1. Party popper invitations Imagine receiving one of these invitations in the mail. Bemused, you pull the string. A loud bang, you are showered with confetti, and the invitation flies out. Magical! I have so many ways I am thinking of using these.

2. The meringue bar I love meringues. I love them so much. And I love all things meringue-related, like pavlovas, lemon meringue pies, and macaroons. Oh, Lordy, what happiness this meringue dessert bar therefore brings! I will try to make something like this for my party. This was in Issue 59 of Donna Hay magazine, highlighted by Jane Flanagan of Ill Seen Ill Said.

3. Sparkler photography At my party, I will set up my new camera on a tripod and take long-exposure photographs of pretty sparkler patters we make to break open the night. Photo by R-evolution Photography, from here.

4. Free organiser How sweet is this little "Making the most of today" organiser from In Honor of Design? And free! A perfect last-minute planner as the party approaches.

5. Serenity When the party is over and I am all worn out, I will refresh my soul by drinking in the lovely, dreamy images to be found on Wild Keiki.