Favourite things - oh baby!

Amid the excitement and anticipation of my little stowaway's arrival, I have been indulging my long-term love of all things childlike and whimsical. Truth is, I would love all of these ideas and projects for my very own self sans Baby Bulger, but now I have an iron-clad excuse. 1. An enchanted forest mural Have you seen these wonderful wallpapers and wallpaper-murals from Anthropologie? I think my little one will dream beautiful dreams in this enchanted forest. And if he or she doesn't share my taste? Hello Naomi's study wall! (I also love the children's wallpaper at Hibou Home).

2. A hot air balloon lantern I think I will make several hot air balloon lanterns for Baby Bulger's room. I am thinking red and yellow circus stripes, and of filling the balloon baskets with fun characters and toys. Tutorial on Momtastic.

3. A crocheted playground Once I tried to knit a cardigan. I got about three rows in when my flatmate took over because I had already dropped more stitches than I made. That was more than 10 years ago. As such, I suspect this brilliant crocheted playground may be slightly out of my skill-range. Nanna? Aunty? Instead of a blankey of crocheted squares, could you make one of these for my baby?

4. A birthday piñata I don't know at what age Baby Bulger will be wanting to smash hanging things open to reveal assorted lollies, but I can tell you I have not grown out of that age yet! So I am going to save this tutorial from Oh Happy Day for a birthday party in the (hopefully) not so distant future.

5. Dotty children If all my decorating ideas come to nought (or if it transpires that I lack the talent to realise my own vision), I will resort to Plan B. To whit: paint everything (walls, ceiling, floors, furniture) white, then let Baby Bulger and a host of his or her friends loose with a million coloured stickers, just like in this "obliteration room" at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia.