Favourite things - at home

I am in a work frenzy. Deadlines everywhere, but that's a good thing. I'm trying to fit in as much writing as I can before Baby Bulger arrives. If that's not enough to keep me indoors, I am also a prisoner to the weather. It has been hot, hot, hot, and I don't have a car. Walking in 36 degree heat while five months pregnant is not exactly appealing, so I've been staying put. A lot. All of this is a long lead-up to say that this Friday, I'm bringing you five lovely things that are all about... home. 1. Great legs for dancing I saw these adorable drawers on Happiness Is this week and was instantly smitten. They remind me of the dancing furniture in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Remember when they sang and danced "Be our guest?" These dainty drawers are the creation of Dutch furniture designer Valentin Loellmann and I do so wish they would pirouette into my home. Today.

2. Hidden egg messages I have bookmarked this page on b for bel so that I can learn how to hide little messages for our girls in eggs all around the house and courtyard at Easter. Won't it be just lovely? Originally from She Exists, a site I may well need to peruse more often.

3. Magic inside Confession: I have a thing for snowglobes. I love the idea of tiny, frozen worlds inside a glass dome. So often, though, the snowglobes inside my head are much more magical than the tacky reality on tourist-shop shelves. But these scenes created by Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz are more creative and surreal than anything I could imagine. While I live out my days inside our little house, I think about these tiny snowglobe worlds, too.

4. Dresses that fit As my entire body morphs and expands to make room for Baby Bulger, fashion has taken rather a back seat. To the point that my most frequently-worn clothes are Em's drawstring pyjama pants, and a pair of "jeggings" with an elastic waist. (Note: the only thing more bogan than jeggings is jeggings with a big black elastic band to cover your belly. Yes, I have sunk this low). Then two of my gorgeous friends in Sydney sent me a little gift to buy some maternity clothes and, voila! I felt human again!

5. Super cool treasure The Super Cool calls itself "A mobile emporium that goes to the people with an eclectic mix of everyday objects from around the world." Which is a rather fancy way to say it's a rad treasure-hunt-esque shop. It's also a pop-up shop, appearing all over the place (that's the "goes to the people" bit, I guess). The Super Cool is at the South Melbourne Market right now, so I'm thinking I'll venture just a little outside the house for a peek.