You've got mail

I've got mail, actually. Two lovely surprise packages arrived for me in the post this week. It's amazing how much getting mail can make you smile. On Monday, mail arrived from blogger Katherine of Through My Looking Glass. Such a nice surprise to find a pretty green envelope in my postbox, it had been forwarded on to Melbourne from my old address in Adelaide.

Katherine sent me a little packet of paper mementos from the Finders Keepers markets in Sydney, and guitar lessons. Yes, guitar lessons, for disadvantaged kids in Vanuatu, from the Oxfam Unwrapped project. I was so incredibly touched by her thoughtfulness. Then today when I walked the dog to pick up the mail I discovered a little parcel from a sweet girl in Germany, Astrid. Astrid found me through my blog last year and invited me to be her pen pal. So I ordered dumplings for lunch and opened her latest envelope to explore its contents at leisure. I'm a lucky lass. What arrived for you in the mail lately? Anything good?