The face of Etsy

Is this the face of Etsy? I had a rare moment of self-realisation today, when I discovered I had been sub-consciously limiting Etsy sellers to a set of extremely narrow parameters (mostly females in their 20s and 30s, quirky, creative, probably fans of Jane Austen novels...). Why did I do this? After all, Etsy is just an online market, and market sellers are about as diverse as they come.

This is Jim Power, an Etsy seller who is also known as the "Mosaic Man" because he has been creating beautiful mosaics on the lamp-posts of New York's East Village for decades, supported by donations from locals. Jim might not be as young or pretty as my imagined Etsy sellers, but his work is beautiful and meaningful, a gift to the city. Plus his dog is super cute. (Photos from Jim's Facebook page).

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