Lately, on my iPhone

Life has contracted of late. Little Madeleine's heart condition puts her at increased risk of lung infection, and even a simple cold could have serious consequences. So while we wait until she is old enough to be immunised (and thankfully she is on a 'heart patient' list for extra help throughout the winter), our lives are relatively solitary. Much of my life is lived inside our small house, and on gentle walks around Melbourne, visits to cafes and pubs only if they are quiet and with Madeleine's pram suitably draped in muslin cloth.

At the same time, life has expanded beyond all comprehension. The addition of this wonderful, warm bundle of baby to our home and hearts has changed absolutely everything, and suddenly the entire world is not big enough to contain the love I feel.

And to be truthful, the solitude has been kind of a special time. Apparently a lot of cultures spend the first six weeks of a new baby's life in relative isolation, to heal and grow and bond. I can understand this. Aside from my very real anxiety over Madeleine's health, having this 'bubble time' with her is something I will look back on as quite special.

Perhaps it is a less aggressive transition from being pregnant (when she is all mine) to after the birth (when everyone wants to hold her): I get to keep my baby MOSTLY to myself a little longer.