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Good morning, friend. I am in an excellent mood today, due to the fact that we had Em down to visit us this weekend, and we spent a beautiful two days during which we did very little indeed. But they were days full of love, and just right. I managed to find the time to finish wrapping some parcels for the post, including gifts from Madeleine for five of her cousins in Bendigo. As the littlest member of the family Madeleine is in considerable demand, and her cousins fight one another over who gets to cuddle and kiss her the most. This is something she does not appear to mind one bit.

The last time we went down for a visit, they all requested "Madeleine souvenirs." Each of them held her, one at a time, while I took photographs ("Use the big camera, not the iPhone"). And now I am posting them the results: mugs, t-shirts, playing cards, notepads and magnets, all with a photo of a cousin holding Madeleine on it.

(We sent a pack of the playing cards with Madeleine on the back of them to Nanna a while back. The kids love to play with them, and are particularly fond of the game they now call "Madeleine Snap").

I also had time to wrap and send another batch of free copies of Airmail to the lovely, lovely folk who subscribe to this blog. If you'd like a copy, there are still some left so you can go here for more information (this giveaway is open to people who have already subscribed as well as new subscribers).

How was your weekend? Busy? Relaxed? Existential? Tell me all about it...

UPDATE 5 July 2014: as of today I have run out of copies of Airmail to send you. However I would still love to send you something nice by snail-mail to say thank you for reading this blog, and I will still do my best to make it look pretty. If you have subscribed to this blog (or you want to), simply fill in your postal details on this page. And if you’re still keen to read Airmail, there’s a list of stockists here.

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