I always...

mime Madeleine sleeping for Mr B before waking her sniff the pages of old books wish I could bundle all my dear friends up and bring them to Melbourne crave summer fruit (oh! plums, nectarines, mangoes, cherries, more more more) love winter and long for snow to fall on my town

I sometimes...

make a cup of tea and read blogs in the morning do my hair and put on makeup just to feel awake wish I lived in my own house, instead of renting long to travel again cry when I look at Madeleine, just because I love her so much

I never...

let the pets into the bedroom (any more) get too excited about hot weather, even at the beach skip breakfast remember phone numbers eat offal

Always-Sometimes-Never was inspired by a little cutie pie called Janee from Yellow Bird Yellow Beard, and she was inspired by the equally cute Danni from Oh Hello Friend (I read both these blogs). Will you take a turn now?

*     *     *

And on another matter, Madeleine! (No surprises there). We plan to buy her a cot this weekend, as she has grown too big for her bassinette. Each night she wiggles around in her sleep, kicks off from the sides, and pushes herself up into the far right corner of the cradle in a bizarre angle. It never seems to bother her, though, and she always wakes up in the best of moods. My little angel.