Ode to telegraph poles

You know you're getting something good with a title like that, right?

Do you notice how some things apparently never change? I find it comforting to think that in this world of seemingly-relentless forward motion, some things can be relied upon to stand still (or even go backwards). Take politicians, for example. On the weekend I was in Melbourne and a horse and cart clopped down Bourke Street with a "Vote 1" sign on it for the upcoming election. A HORSE AND CART. You've got my vote, Mr Whoever You Are.

And here is another example. Telegraph poles. They are such a mainstay of our urban landscape that we barely notice them or think twice about them. But while swarms of electricity and wireless data buzz around our ears each day, telegraph poles also provide a comfortingly old-fashioned community service: the notice board.

Where I live, posters on telegraph poles go beyond the mere notification of garage sales and missing cats (which always makes me feel so sad), into the creative, the funny, the affirming and the sometimes bizarre. I kind of like that, don't you? (And yes, one of these was mine, from this project).