Surround yourself with creative people

"Surround yourself with Creative People." That's good advice. It's also no.11 in this video, which you should definitely watch if you need encouragement or galvanising (or both) in the creativity department.

Sometimes, surrounding yourself with creative people is easier said than done. For example if you stay at home and look after a baby every day. I'm willing to admit it, I don't get out much, not socially anyway. Once a week I do head off to mothers' group and these ladies are very nice, but to be honest I don't know them well enough yet to find out if they are "Creative People" or not. We generally spend our time talking about the frequency of poo in nappies, and how fast our babies' fingernails grow (REALLY fast).

So, for the time being, I will surround myself with Creative People via the Internet. And hopefully via some old-fashioned mail. How will I do it?

1. Earlier this week I posted this inspiring video and it made me feel a little better about my own inability to express or create things the way I want to.

2. I joined in Pip Lincoln's (free) blog school to try and refresh myself and my ideas. There are some AMAZING bloggers in this group. Slowly, I'm feeling more lively. Let me know if you're part of this too.

3. And then I saw the My Creative Space project (also from Pip), and it just seemed to complete the trio. Using the list at the top of this page, I am going to take one photo a day on Instagram (I'm @naomibulger if you want to follow me). The photo on this post is my first, for "a creative space." It's the inspiration board I keep behind my desk. I'll use the hashtags #amonthof and #mycreativespace to be part of the project community.

Do you want to join in? You don't have to use Instagram. You can tweet your daily inspiration. Or blog about it. And there is a Facebook group too. Just use the hashtags so everyone can see what you're doing.

Everything seems to get tired towards the end of the year, don't you think? Well, not this year! May November be the month of NEW CREATIVE ENERGY. Hooray!

(ps. The beginning of that video. Does the music remind you of the movie Amelie? I really want to watch it now)