Take tea with Santa

I wanted to make some last-minute, light-weight Christmas gifts to post out to friends this weekend. I'd seen some novelty teabags in a local store and fallen in love with them, but the prices were a little steep ($5 a teabag, thank you very much!). Instead I decided to make some of my own, with a Christmas theme. I decided on Santa, Rudolf, Frosty, and a Christmas angel. It was very easy. You just trace out the basic outline of the head and arms (which will sit in the tea cup), then draw anything or anyone you like inside, and photocopy as many as you need (or print them if you have access to a scanner and colour printer). Staple teabags to the bottom and you're done.

Maybe another time I will Photoshop in the faces of some family members for a funny little "take tea with the Bulgers" set.

The only problem I faced was that I didn't have time to get to a stationery store to buy heavier cardboard, so the paper was a bit too thin and flimsy to rest properly in the tea cups. Hopefully my friends will forgive me this time around.

And I still think they look kind of cute, relaxing in their little tea baths, wouldn't you agree?